For Those Who Treasure Words

By The Book (Book Club) serves the Writer/ Author and Self Publishing community by reading, giving detailed analysis and promoting the ideas of unique thinkers.

Our members are made up of leaders in Community, Arts and Professional spaces dedicated to uncovering the treasures of words.

We host and post reviews, Blogs, interviews and analysis, connected to all our reads.

We want people who love books as we do to have a special gathering place to discover, discuss and share unique stories.

By The Book begins a new book each month.

• After the Read, our members discuss:
-How clear the author conveyed the story
-The impact of the story on us as readers
-The relevance the book has to its intended audience
-The Quality of Character Development

• Our members also provide notes to the author (Praises, Suggestions, Questions & personal thoughts).

If you are an author who’d like us to review your book or have a book to suggest for our readers club please contact us at: